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CAPGET(2)		   Linux Programmer's Manual		     CAPGET(2)


capget, capset - set/get process capabilities


#undef _POSIX_SOURCE #include <sys/capability.h> int capget(cap_user_header_t header, cap_user_data_t data); int capset(cap_user_header_t header, const cap_user_data_t data);


These two functions are the raw kernel interface for getting and set- ting capabilities. The kernel API is likely to change and use of these functions (in particular the format of the cap_user_*_t types) is sub- ject to change with each kernel revision. These system calls are specific to Linux. The portable interfaces are cap_set_proc(3) and cap_get_proc(3).


On success, zero is returned. On error, -1 is returned, and errno is set appropriately.


EINVAL One of the arguments was invalid. EPERM An attempt was made to add a capability to the Permitted set, or to set a capability in the Effective or Inheritable sets that is not in the Permitted set. Linux 2.1 17th May 1998 CAPGET(2)