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FreeBSD man pages : ipfw (4)
IPFW(4) 	       FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 	       IPFW(4)


ipfw - IP packet filter and traffic accounting


ipfw is a system facility which allows filtering, redirecting, and other operations on IP packets travelling through system interfaces. The user interface for ipfw is implemented by the ipfw program, so the reader is referred to the ipfw(8) manpage for a complete description of the capabilities of ipfw and how to use it.


The following options in the kernel configuration file are related to ipfw operation: Options in the kernel configuration file: options IPFIREWALL enable ipfw options IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE enable firewall logging options IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE_LIMIT limit firewall logging options IPDIVERT enable divert(4) sockets


setsockopt(2), divert(4), ip(4), ipfw(8), sysctl(8), syslogd(8) FreeBSD 4.8 June 22, 1997 FreeBSD 4.8